Vik Vandecaveye(non-registered)
Awesome work! Great colours, great scenes!
Fantastic Webpage, Stick to the excellent work. Thanks a lot! cv
Ravi Tolani(non-registered)
Awe inspiring stuff.
cho cho(non-registered)
I can't stop inspiring your photos, Max. Especially India and Turkey. The photo of different facets of People (especially young boys with sincere smile, romantic couple, family, young monks, houses, shops) and street food are the most fascinating to me. Thank you for sharing the beautifuls things with us.
Best wishes,
Great Picture!!!!
sono finalmente riuscita a guardare le tue splendide fotografie! bellissime!
Marta - Amore Mio Tours(non-registered)
Che sorpresa: hai un sito finalmente!!! Really, really nice seeing you sailing the wave of your dreams ...
Good luck x
David Dent(non-registered)
Great photo's Max. You can feel the emotion in every image and its nice to see more photographers within CNHI ICT!
Da Tina e Franco(non-registered)
Auguri di Buon Natale e felice Anno Nuovo
Le foto sono bellissime
Con affetto
Ciao Max,
lascia l'informatica!!!!!
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